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Injection Protocol and Instructions

Read this document carefully and fully prior to first administration. The following information has been prepared for safe and effective self-administration of your inject-able therapies.

Preparing for self-administration injections:

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

2. Select a well-lit, clean hard surface preferably with a mirror (e.g. Bathroom counter top).

3. Ensure you have all necessary supplies and that all packaging and wrappings are intact and there are no signs of tampering. Double check the expiration dates on all medications. Note: With Testosterone (Intramuscular injections) You will use (2) two needles: (1) one needle for drawing the medication, referred to in these instructions as the “drawing needle” and (1) one needle for administration of the solution, “administration needle”.
Drawing solution into syringe:

1. Use alcohol wipes to clean the tops of the vials – move in one direction and use one wipe per vial.

2. Remove syringe with needle from packaging and fill syringe with an equal amount of air as the intended dose by pulling plunger back to the desired mark (i.e. If you are drawing up 2 ml’s of solution you would pull plunger to the “2” on the syringe).

3. Insert the needle straight through the rubber stopper, into the vial. If you touch the stopper with your finger clean it with a fresh alcohol wipe prior to withdrawing medication.

4. Turn the medication vial upside down keeping the needle tip inside the liquid.

5. Inject the air into the medication vial. This helps to maintain a balance of internal/external pressure when using glass vials; this also makes future medication withdrawal easier.

6. Hold the vial and syringe in one hand and slowly draw up that amount of liquid into syringe. Diagram

1 shows technique on holding vial.

7. While holding the vial upside down and maintaining drawing needle inside the vial, gently tap the side of the syringe until air bubbles rise to the top of the barrel of the syringe. Gently push the plunger to eject ONLY THE AIR BUBBLES through the needle.

8. Remove needle and syringe from vial.

9. Recap needle by placing the plastic needle cap on counter top and safely guiding the needle into the cap. This reduces the possibility of accidentally sticking yourself.

10. For Testosterone and/or IM injections remove the drawing needle and discard it in an OSHA approved Sharps container. Federal Regulations require needles and sharps objects to be disposed of in a proper bio-medical waste container. If you are missing or need sharps containers please call us immediately. Make sure to always properly dispose of all used needles.

Injecting of solution:

Keep syringes and materials clean and do not let anything touch the tip of syringe or needle. If you accidentally touch the tip or accidentally contaminate it in any way you must discard and start all over. This eliminates the possibility of infection.

1. For Testosterone or IM injections Remove fresh administration needle from packaging and inspect for any defects. Do not remove plastic cap until ready for injection.

2. Firmly twist administration needle on to syringe and maintain in front of you on counter top until you are ready for administration.

3. For SUBQ injections the small insulin syringe is preloaded with needle which cannot be removed and will be used for administration.

4. Use an alcohol wipe to clean skin at the injection site; let it air dry. Throw away the wipe. NOTE: Do not use any areas in which you feel lumps, bumps, firm knots or pain. Do not use any area in which the skin is discolored, depressed, scabbed, or is broken open. If you are in doubt call your representative.

5. Remove the needle cap from the needle and gently pinch the skin together around the site (to lift it up a bit) See Diagram 2 . The best areas for injection are away from joints, nerves, bones, and other important body. Refer to last page for injection site diagram. The preferred areas for Intramuscular (IM) injections, such as Testosterone, are the gluteus maximus (buttocks) and the quadriceps muscles. The preferred area for Subcutaneous (SUBQ) injections, such as Growth Hormone and HCG is around the navel, stomach area.

6. With a swift motion stick the needle into the skin at a 90° angle for intramuscular (IM) injections and at a 45° angle for subcutaneous (SUBQ) injections. *STEP 7 is for INTRAMUSCULAR (IM) INJECTIONS ONLY! SUBQ injections Go to Step 8.

7. (IM) While needle is in the muscle pull back on the plunger slightly and look for blood inside syringe. *Rarely will there be blood but if you experience this – it just means you are near or hit a blood vessel. Immediately pull needle and syringe out and gently massage area with gauze or clean tissue. Discard the needle and Go back to Step 2 in this section and repeat after selecting another injection site.

8. Inject the medication by using a slow steady push on the plunger until the syringe is completely empty. Hold a cotton swab or gauze near the injection site.

9. Swiftly and safely remove the needle from the skin and gently massage the injection site with a dry cotton ball or gauze. 10. Immediately discard the syringe and the needle in an OSHA sharps container.

11. Maintain all supplies and medication in a safe place and away from the reach of children and others. Ensure proper storage of medical supplies and refrigerated medicines.

12. Once you have filled the OSHA approved sharps container to the ‘recommended fill line’ you can call your local waste management and follow local guidelines for proper disposal.

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